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Sunday, 21 April 2024 - Glorious mysteries - Sant´ Anselmo ( Letture di oggi )

Our Lady of Tears

"On November 8, 1929, Sister Amalia, her heart moved by the grief of a relative whose wife was critically ill, sought Jesus in the Tabernacle and pleaded that she might give her own life for this mother of little children. So sincere was the desire of this Sister who bears the Holy Stigmata that Our Lord spoke to her, telling her how to pray to attain this grace. Jesus said:

"Pray to me in behalf of my mother's tears, I shall gladly grant them."

"My Daughter, whatever men will ask of Me for the sake of the tears of my mother, I shall grant them lovingly."

Sister Amalia bent low her head as she reflected on the Tears of Our Lady. "How shall I pray?" she asked humbly.

"O Jesus, listen to our prayers in behalf of your holy mother's tears. O Jesus, look down upon the tears of her who loved you best on earth and most deeply loves you now in heaven," was the answer.

Our Lord answered her:

"Later my mother will give the treasure of her tears to my beloved institute as a magnet of mercy."

from a booklet entitled "Our Lady of Tears" with an imprimatur from 1936